Big Roll Installation

Green Valley Turf Co. big roll sod installer works at sodding Ravenna Golf Club in Littleton, C0.We pride ourselves on quality sod installation and only use Green Valley Turf Co. staff to install our sod. This streamlines the entire process so we can control when the sod is cut and when it will be installed. We specialize in big roll sod installation. Big roll sod provides a smoother, wider surface of turf, less edges and seams, and can handle traffic sooner.

When it comes to installing big rolls, we understand how important it is not to disturb the grade or damage existing turf. That’s why we modified our sod installation equipment to run on full flotation tires, giving us an extremely light footprint. Our staff also pays attention to grade details and corrects imperfection as we install the sod.

Big roll sod is hauled to a fairway with a donkey forklift.People make the difference. All of our sod crew staff are experienced and have been installing sod for years. We understand sod is perishable and needs to be installed in a timely manner, seams need to be tight and patching completed. We run large crews of 8 to 12 people. Equipment failure can bring a job to a grinding halt. That’s why we carry extra forklifts and equipment so if we have a problem, we can complete the job. Our sod installation service includes application of fertilizer, sod installation, rolling and complete clean up. We also install pallets of sod and are fully insured. From start to finish, we work with you.


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