Grading & Laser Grading

A 14' laser grade bucket is used to level the outfield of Chatfield HS baseball field prior to sodding.Green Valley Turf Co. offers grading and laser grading services to the golf and sports field industries. Our services are designed to enhance driving ranges, golf tees, baseball, softball, football, soccer, and large field complexes. We use the right equipment to grade, level and tie in areas prior to sodding with trained personnel. We grade with 6’, 10’, 14’ and 24’ leveling boxes and full flotation tractors to insure compaction is not an issue.


A golf tee at CHCC is laser graded before sodding with GVT Short Cut Blue sod.Dual Plane Laser grading technology provides the most precise leveling possible. Whether it’s new construction or seeking a maintenance solution through surface renovation, we can provide precise laser grading services to insure your field or tees will drain correctly and be void of pockets and high spots.


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