Greens Sod Installation

Green Valley Turf Co. installs bentgrass big rolls with professional sod crews.We specialize in big roll bentgrass sod installation on golf greens. We have installed hundreds of golf greens and take the necessary care to create a smooth putting surface. During installation of big roll sod, floatation equipment is used to protect contours and close tolerances of sand based greens. Sod is shuttled to the greens via flotation forklifts that do not damage existing turf.



Green Valley Turf Co. installation machine rolls out a big roll of bent grass sod at Castle Pines Golf Club. Big rolls are laid out very carefully and close to the next roll. Then we pull and push the big rolls into place to insure the seams are packed tightly together. Large pieces of sod are used for all patches and shaped cuts so they will not dry out and stay in place. We install greens with our crews of 8 to 12 members that pay attention to detail and will do what it takes to complete the project.