HD Sports 2.0 Lay and Play


Installing A Playing Surface, Not Sod

HD Sports 2.0 “Lay and Play” is our 1.5” thick bluegrass sod grown in engineered sand on plastic. This extremely durable sod is encapsulated with roots which locks in the sand rootzone and reinforces the sod.


Why Plastic Grown Sod?

Plastic grown sod (PGS) gives you a bullet-proof playing surface immediately after install. PGS has a tight root-mass that reinforces the sod and locks together the 100% sand based root zone. The consistent thickness of PGS is maintained even after install because the root zone does not drop sand upon rolling and unrolling. HD Sports 2.0 PGS won’t fall apart during harvest, handling, installation and won’t fall apart during play. HD Sports 2.0 won’t fall apart period.

 Because the sod is peeled off the plastic instead of cut with a reciprocating blade, it retains its strength and harvest is far less stressful to the plant. Total root harvest maintains moisture in the root zone, resulting in less transplant and installation shock,  and a longer shelf life. Encapsulated with roots, HD Sports 2.0 has perfectly square edges, giving you tighter seams. By not cutting the sod’s root system during harvest, the plant keeps all of the carbohydrate reserves stored in its root system, accelerating rooting after installation.

 PGS can be installed over any flat surface to produce an instant playing surface. Due to the strength and root mass of the sod, it can be rolled back up with no problem. #HDSports2, #LayandPlay, #PGS